.Talent. New York

Embodying a beacon of excellence, MTA New York shines forth as a distinguished talent agency, passionately advocating for an exquisite collective of unparalleled Choreographers, Dancers, Actors, and Singers, spanning the vast tapestry of the entertainment industry. Nurturing profound alliances with esteemed Producers, Directors, Casting Directors, Ad Agencies, and Production Companies, our agency has forged an indelible legacy as an unwavering confidant, deftly bridging the gap between our exceptional clients and a world of extraordinary possibilities. From the enthralling realm of feature films to the captivating allure of episodic and commercial television, the grand stages of live performances, the vibrant energy of industrials, the enchantment of music videos, and the immortalized frames of print media, we seamlessly orchestrate a symphony of opportunities, ensuring our clients' artistic destinies transcend the ordinary and take flight amidst a realm of limitless potential.